Meet Lorann

Makeup Artist, Photographer, Coffee Enthusaist.

I am a makeup artist and photographer based out of Dallas-Fort Worth. A one-stop-shop, I will often do someone’s hair and makeup then photograph them. I think that is something that truly sets me apart. Neither one is just a hobby for me. You are getting my full attention and skill from both aspects.

Lorann Schindler is a creative based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Lorann works in all mediums of art with makeup and photography being her focus. She studied photography and the basics of art and design principles at the University of North Texas before transferring to Tarleton State University. It was there that she obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts concentrated on 2d media such as painting, as well as a minor in English. Upon her college graduation, Lorann attended the Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy to study the art of makeup.

Lorann’s story started from birth. Art, or being a creative, was just something that was always inherently rooted in her; her lineage full of artisans, makers, painters, etc. Lorann was always a little weird, always had to be doing or making something, getting her hands into absolutely anything she could to make something. She did everything she could as a child: painting, sewing, pottery, spin art, baking, sneaking into her grandma’s makeup.

Lorann has spent the majority of her life working with makeup. Crediting Barbie as her first makeup inspiration, she would get her hands into anything she could find growing up to try to recreate Barbie’s many looks. At the age of eleven Lorann began to work with her local high school’s theatre department doing hair and makeup. By the time she was fourteen she had booked her first clients for homecoming and prom, and now seventeen years later she has not stopped.

Lorann’s love of photography also started at some point in her childhood. It was with those same Barbie’s that she should style their hair, pose and line them up for photoshoots. She would use up rolls of her grandma’s film having photoshoots for her Barbies. When Lorann was in high school she joined the yearbook staff and was instantly connected to the camera. As yearbook editor her senior year of high school she decided to set off on a path of obtaining an art degree.

Lorann’s makeup work varies. She works as a freelance makeup artist doing everything from on-set production work to editorial photo shoots to runway shows, and more. With her degree in art, she feels it gives her a leg up if you will. Lorann is highly trained in art and design principles, color theory, color-mixing, etc. She can take art direction easily because she can easily see the full picture of a project.  As a photographer Lorann loves working with people; helping them to tell a story.  She enjoys artistic portraiture, fashion photography, photojournalistic type work/content creation, lifestyle portraiture, and product photography. Lorann is sort of a one stop shop, as she will often do someone’s hair and makeup then photograph them.  She thinks that is something that truly sets her apart.  Neither one is just a hobby for Lorann.  You are getting her full attention and skill from both aspects.