Art is what you can get away with. - Andy Warhol

Hi, I’m Lorann Schindler, Makeup Artist & Photographer.

Lorann Schindler is just a small-town girl living in a lonely world…wait, that line has been used somewhere before.

Okay, take two: Lorann Schindler is a creative based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.

Lorann works in all mediums of art with makeup and photography being her focus. She studied photography and the basics of art and design principles at the University of North Texas before transferring to Tarleton State University.

It was there that she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrated on 2d media such as painting, as well as a minor in English.

Upon her college graduation, she attended the Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy to study the art of makeup.

Service Offerings

Lorann is sort of a one-stop-shop, as she will often do someone’s hair and makeup then photograph them. She thinks that is something that truly sets her apart. Neither one is just a hobby for Lorann. You are getting her full attention and skill from both aspects.

  • Makeup Artisty

    As a makeup artist Lorann Schindler is able to provide a myriad of services.  She has done and does it all.

    Lorann has been freelancing since 2011 while constantly continuing her makeup education.  She prides herself on her sanitation practices during a makeup application.

    Lorann has worked on many photoshoots (fashion and commercial), runway shows where she has also served as key, TV/commercial sets, weddings, and more.

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  • Photography

    As a photographer, Lorann Schindler offers a nonconventional approach.  Working with natural or environmental light she loves to help tell a story, to find a new angle or view of the ordinary.

    She enjoys photojournalistic type work, lifestyle portraiture, and product photography/content creation.

    Lorann can help you update your headshots, help you create content for your blog or company, or help you capture moments in life.

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Makeup Artistry




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