On Set With Aaron Carter

         In junior high and high school I used to hang out in my bathroom. I know, it sounds weird. But my bathroom had all my makeup, my mannequin heads, curling irons, and a CD player. I would spend hours in there practicing new makeup techniques that I taught myself from looking at the pages of J-14 and Seventeen. I would braid and curl my mannequin heads repeatedly. All this while listening to Aaron Carter. While playing with my makeup and listening to a constant rotation of all of Aaron’s albums I would think “what if one day I worked with Aaron Carter.” I would dream of a day where I would be on set with Aaron running around with makeup in hand and having the coolest job in the world. Starting at the age of 12 I put that thought out into the universe. On December 8th my life came full circle. There I was on set of the morning talk show I used to work for, that I had actually helped get Aaron booked on, sitting in the green room just chilling while Aaron facetimed with fans. Suddenly everything I dreamed of had happened. I was on set with Aaron Carter, makeup in hand, and I have the coolest job in the world. Long story short, as cliché as it sounds, never give up on your dreams folks. No matter how far-fetched they may seem. You will one day have your full circle moment. And when you do you will stop a few days later and think can this be real life?

       Now for Aaron’s makeup I showed up fully prepared. I knew he had just played two shows in a row, so I thought for sure he would have bags under his eyes. He thought so too. When he looked in the mirror and didn’t see any we were both surprised. I mean I had an arsenal of concealers with me. Didn’t even really need them. He had a small amount of redness close to his eye line. I used a little bit of concealer from my Alcone palette around his eyes. A small amount of NYX powder around his forehead and cheeks. He had a bit of shine at his temples; I wanted to make sure I eliminated any chance of coming off shiny on camera by hitting the highlight areas. And that was that. Sometimes less is just what it takes on TV. I checked him in the monitor and he looked great. He didn’t even need any more powdering once on set.

   To see Aaron’s interview on The Broadcast click here!

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