Diveristy Chic: Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala

In 1996 five girls rose to the top of pop culture history when they told us ‘what they wanted, what they really, really wanted’. With that the Spice Girls spread worldwide the message of girl power. This past Sunday 5 girls came together to keep the message of girl power alive. Also to explore how we can all be on trend no matter who we are!

I met Stephanie a few years back through a mutual friend. Always looking for more for my portfolio I asked her if we could do a test shoot and ended up suggesting we explore the color of the year. I had no clue she had been working on the Diversity Chic concept with several of her blogger friends! Exploring Marsala on different skin tones fit in perfectly for this!

When Pantone announced the color of the year at first I was super stoked about Marsala. I kept seeing all these Marsala “inspiration post”. Each had these deep rich reds; oxblood and burgundy if you will. This excited me as I’ve had a long standing obsession with anything pertaining to the color red. I started thinking the color of the year is going to start giving people the courage to throw caution to the wind and go for a bold lip! I went to Sephora in search of some of the color of the year products Pantone always collabs with Sephora to make. I finally looked at the lipsticks on Sunday and realized that Marsala is not actually a deep vibrant red. I proclaimed that it looked more like the color of an Avon lipstick I played with in my grandma’s bathroom growing up.

As my disappointment of Marsala grew I continued on with each girls makeup using beautiful golds, taupe and champagne tones. I did a little something different on each girl to compliment who they were. I know Stephanie enjoys a winged liner. I went with a similar style as I did for her wedding so she could have a bit of nostalgia for the day. On Valery I gave her smudged eyeliner look. With Sevi I had fun matching all the beautiful tones in her skin. With Jordan I went with more apricot toned eye paired with a similar champagne color as used one all four girls. Then as I put the Marsala lipstick on each girl a magical thing happened. The lip color was so different on each skin tone but at the same time played so well with each girl, what they were wearing, and their makeup. I suddenly got excited all over again about Marsala. It’s not a maroon or burgundy hue. But rather a beautiful, simple, neutral red that compliments the deeper reds so well. Also it looks great on anyone of any skin tone. Let Marsala creep its way into your makeup drawer this season. I think you’ll also have fun pairing it with metallic shades on the eyes. Or a navy smokey eye. Or step out of the box and use Marsala on your eyes!

I enjoyed my Sunday spent with Stephanie, Valery, Jordan and Sevi! I love collaborating with strong women. Especially when it’s a group who understands me when I make a 90’s pop culture reference! I hope y’all will invite me back because I’m obsessed with the diversity chic movement y’all have started!

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  1. Sevi 24 Jan 2015 Reply

    Lorann, thank you so much for doing our makeup! It was such a pleasure spending time with you and seeing you work on your craft. Thank you for bringing out my inner Diva.

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