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Screenshot_2014-06-16-12-41-46 Screenshot_2014-06-14-15-53-34 IMG_20140613_204421 IMG_20140612_225153I love social media. I do, I love it.  I know so many people claim to hate it or find it to be a necessary evil.  But I am here to say I love it, and have for quite some time.  Yeah, I was an embarrassing Myspace kid.  I will be the first to raise my hand and admit it.  But I know I was not alone in stressing over arranging my top 8, and finding the perfect song to use on my profile(which more often than not was an Eli Young Band song…ah college!).  I’ve also been on Facebook so long that when I joined if your college was not registered with Facebook you could not have one.   I’ve also loved Twitter for five years now.  Then finally last year I let go hope of BlackBerry ever getting with the times and divorced it for HTC.  After my split from my beloved BlackBerry I hopped onto Instagram.  Let’s just say, I have been in love.  To quote Kat Dennings’ character on 2 Broke Girls: “Instagram is Twitter for people who can’t read”.  Now I can read, but I am a visual person. I love the ability to quickly see pictures and things through other’s eyes.  I enjoy how much the fashion and makeup world is in love with it too.  While it has created this world of Instagram makeup artist, and sometimes takes away from the real art, I still find beauty in every makeup post I see. 

Social media also helps connect people.  Whether it is friends far and wide or someone interested in the same things as you searching hashtags; social media connects people.  It connects people with different brands or celebrities.  Some people obsess over hoping their favorite celeb or musician will follow them.  And admittedly I did a happy dance the week Aaron Carter followed me on Instagram and Twitter both.  But this week I felt a sense of accomplishment, did a big happy dance, and geeked out.  I posted just a simple picture of my brushes and brush cleaner when I was cleaning them.  I use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner (seriously the BEST! Anything else is just wasting your time.)  I hastagged Cinema Secrets in my post, as well as Japonesque because one of my Japonesque brushes was laying front and center.  This makeup artist got extremely happy when likes started rolling in on the picture, and the likes came from none other than Cinema Secrets and Japonesque! It gave me this quick sense of I was gaining recognition.  So then I posted a picture about how they liked my photo.  That photo got another like from Cinema Secrets on Twitter.  Then just a few hours ago I received a comment on that photo from Japonesque! 

So… Dear Japonesque and Cinema Secrets, I love y’alls product! Thanks for all the social media love you’ve shown me the past few days!!

So with all this being said I love social media!  It is such a wonderful tool in connecting makeup artist to the brands they use.  It connects makeup artist with each other to learn about new product, technique etc.  And well it helped me achieve my childhood dreams…Aaron Carter knows I’m alive!  So here’s to social media for making this Dallas Makeup Artist happy!!

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