“I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.” A Story of Inspiration and Obsession

Calvin Klein mascara and Andy Warhol.  Sounds like two completely unrelated things, which it kind of is.  So, I’m sure you’re wondering where I am going with this.  Well you see I have an extreme love for Andy Warhol.  I firmly believe if I stand in front of his self-portrait at the Modern (MOMA Fort Worth, Texas) long enough that Andy Warhol begins to speak to me.  I know how incredibly crazy that sounds.  Being inspired by art and feeling as if the artist is speaking to you is not much different from feeling inspired by a song is it?  You know that feeling of this musician knows how to write/sing songs that sound like they were written for me?Now I won’t digress onto my love for music here..  I just really love Andy Warhol and his work.  He was at the forefront of the entire pop art movement.  As an art major in college receiving my BFA in Art I came across people and even professors who just didn’t “get” Andy Warhol.  That was something I just could not fathom.  People that didn’t understand his twist on pop culture, his screenprints, Campbell Soup cans, etc? Who else at the time was doing such things that pushed boundaries and made people think and question it?  If you have to question if it’s art then it is definitely art.  After all is that not what art essentially is, something to evoke emotions and make you think?  But enough on how much Andy Warhol Inspires me, let’s talk about makeup!

                Now Calvin Klein mascara, how is this related to all my talk about Andy Warhol?  I had spent my life using M.A.C mascara.  J-14, Tiger Beat, and Cosmo Girl told me that Britney Spears used M.A.C, so when I was 13 I made my first trip to the M.A.C counter.  Now I love M.A.C, always have and always will.  I have used so many kinds of their mascara throughout my life.  My use of their mascara goes back to when if they accidentally gave me “X” instead of “N” I was upset because the wand on the “N” was so much better.  I have also sworn by Zoom Lash and Haute and Naughty.  In fact Haute and Naughty was what I was using when I came across Calvin Klein’s mascara in Ulta.  I had been reading in magazines that CK was launching a makeup line for the first time since the early 90s.  As a child of the 90s I couldn’t wait to find it in stores!  My relationship with Calvin goes back to those early days of shopping at the M.A.C counter while wearing my Calvin jeans and being spritzed in my CK One perfume!  My first instinct upon seeing a makeup line I haven’t tried before is to buy eyeshadow.  I am an eyeshadow junkie and probably need an intervention.  But that day in Ulta one of the employees approached me and said “you have to get the mascara, I love it more than any I have ever used.”  So I bought some that day.  After the first time I used it this quote from Andy Warhol came into my head: “I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.” I am here to tell you it is possible!  I have been having a love affair with my CK mascara since October of 2012!  I feel like such an advocate for it!  Any time I hear/see someone talking about mascara I feel the need to jump in and tell them about it.  “Have you tried the Calvin Klein mascara? Available at Ulta!  The wand twist to give you length AND volume!  It’s basically smudge proof, flake proof and waterproof! And it makes me eyelashes nearly touch my eyebrows!”  So with that being said go get you some!  Your love affair will last forever!

Small note: As a makeup artist this is not what I use in my kit.  I feel the wand is such an essential part of this mascara and I can’t use and reuse it on clients.  In my kit I keep my new second fav mascara Aqua Smokey Lash from Make Up For Ever!


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