A Family Affair+Girl Power+A Photoshoot=Katydid Collection Look Book

23 Apr 2014 lorannschindler In Fashion, Look Book, Makeup, Product Info, Stories

mom@daughter(On the right: Ellie and myself on set, On the left: Our mom’s in a wedding together)

Do you have those people in your life that have always been there?  You can’t even remember your first memory of them because they were there even before you were born.  That’s the case here.  This family has been in my life since before I was even born.  I love the Gastons’, my mom loves the Gastons’ and my grandparents’ loved them.  So when I saw that Ellie had been submitting the modeling agencies, and had a call back with Page Parkes I got excited!  Most of my mother’s stories from growing up include Ellie’s mom and her siblings, and most of my stories from growing up include Ellie’s cousins, her Aunt Kay and Uncle Ross.

As soon as I saw Ellie had a meeting set up with Dallas agency, Page Parkes, I contacted my good friend, April Graves.  April is a Stylist/ Art Director who I work with quite often.  We wanted to set up a test shoot with Ellie, and just a few days later April had a shoot all set up!  April brought in another business contact of hers, Claire Anderson, to be our photographer.  Then she joined forces with Katy Messersmith who she met through Fashion Group International of Dallas.  Katy owns Katydid Collection, a wonderful Dallas based women’s clothing label!  In other words this look book shoot was full of what the Spice Girl’s would call GIRL POWER!!

Today Katydid Collection released the first photo from our shoot on their Facebook!  The shoot was broke into two categories: one following the native/tribal trend going on, and another with a rocker chic vibe.

For the tribal trend look we went with some messy fun waves and a golden neutral eye.  To achieve this eye makeup look I used the Lorac Pro Palette pair with golden tones from the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette.  Seriously check both of these palettes out, they have been two of my favs lately!

Keep your eyes on Katydid Collection’s social media accounts for more to come from this shoot!


Art Direction/ Stylist: April Graves

Photographer: Claire Anderson

Model: Ellie Edwards

Clothing collection: Katydid Collection

MUAH: Lorann Schindler

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  1. Kay Gaston 24 Apr 2014 Reply

    Love you Lorann!! So proud of you!!!

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