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I find it only fitting that my first blog post be about prom seeing as my first jobs were prom makeup when I was 14.  Yes, that’s right! 14!  I just knew what I loved from a young age and I guess seemed to have a knack for it.  So this time twelve years ago I had one of my first clients!

I was not a huge fan of my own two proms. I would get up at 6am do my own hair and makeup and then spend the day doing makeup and hair on about five other people. Then I also really could have cared less about actually going.  Well that is aside from doing choreographed dances with my friend Gavin that we made up during theatre practice.  We worked hard making up those dances to Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson and Yeah by Ursher, Lil’ Jon and Luda!

Being a makeup artist in Dallas these days I’ve gotten to work on cool TV and movie sets, photo shoots, runway shows and more. However, I still make sure to never miss a prom season.  Honestly it is one of my favorite makeups to do.  I get to use fun colors and help girls feel special.  This prom is extra special because it is my cousin, Riley’s, senior prom.

No matter where in life or my career I may be I will always make sure I have time for prom especially Grandview High School’s prom.  Prom helped me fall in love with makeup and I would never want to turn my back on what got me here in the first place.

A few of my prom makeup must haves this year! For a glowing, radiant look pick up one or all three of these. Each is super affordable! Beauty Beats by Essence’s Swaaag!! Highlight powder, NYX’s Illuminator, and E.L.F’s Shimmering Facial Whip

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